Major Updates

  • The registration form for October YFGM in Lancaster is now available.
  • The minutes from May YFGM in Bristol are now available.
  • YFGM is pleased to offer extra support for all newcomers at our YFGM in February 2012, including paying travel costs to come to the Meeting. For more information, see our page for newcomers.
  • YFGM is pleased to officially support Symon Hill’s Walk of Repentance for Homophobia. The full text of YFGM Minute in support of Symon is available here.
  • If you would like to support YFGM financially, you can now donate securely online! More information on the Contact page.
  • The YFGM members database is now online (login required.) Members can use the online database to view & update contact details, and register for YFGM.
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