Politically Engaged Young Friends

On Saturday 11 August, YFGM (Young Friends General Meeting) is holding a conference on politics.  Many young Friends work in politics or around political issues, whether for campaigning organisations, for NGOs, or as public servants.  When we meet for YFGM weekends, we find time over dinner and between our business sessions to discuss the arms trade, the merits (or otherwise) of directly-elected mayors, and the current government consultation on civil partnerships.

YFGM has booked Westminster Friends Meeting House, in the heart of London, for Friends aged 18-40 to talk about politics and political ideas.  We aim to use this as an opportunity to discuss topical political issues, share our own ideas, and find a way forward together.  Although the main sessions are on Saturday (to help people who might not be able to stay in London), we’re also offering a shared meal on Friday evening and a closing session after Meeting for Worship on Sunday.  This event is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, who have provided funding.  Both YFGM and the JRRT are seeking to encourage young Friends to be more involved in politics.


There’s more information at our website, http://politicalquakers.wordpress.com, including how to book. We are asking for a donation of between £10 and £30 from those who attend, but if Friends don’t feel able to contribute then we’d be delighted to see them all the same! 

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