One of the things I’d like to do as YFGM Coordinator is resurrect this blog. Specifically, I’d like to give the YFGM community more of an idea of what the coordinator gets up to on their behalf, as I realise it’s not always that obvious.

So, to start at the beginning. My first two weeks in the job were mostly spent planning the imminent Planning Weekend. This involved lots and lots of little tasks that came together to form one behemothian task (only slight exaggeration ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Stuff like learning how to use the YFGM computer database to create events, register people for said events, update dietary and medical information, etc. Then there was trying to find someone to cater for the weekend, which in turn involved learning that updating the coordinator’s facebook status is NOT the same as posting in the YFGM facebook group – who would have guessed it? (Not me.) Another job was learning how to edit the YFGM website, so that I could get it to stop sending out confirmation emails telling people they’d registered for YFGM instead of Planning Weekend.

The rest of my first two weeks was generally taken up with settling-in-to-a-new-workplace stuff. Finding out that I’m allowed to wheel my bike through reception (so cool) and tie it up in the central courtyard in Friends House. Getting a locker assigned. Taking full advantage of the staff discount in the coffee shop. Being taken on a tour of the building and getting introduced to other staff. Spending hours on the computer completing my Health & Safety induction modules (I learned some pretty good stuff, such as the fact that your eyeline should be roughly level with the top of your computer screen).

It’s now been three weeks since Planning Weekend, and my work load has become a bit more varied. I’ve been updating YFGM’s financial records with details of expenses claims and donations (I didn’t realise how much money we receive from local meetings from all over the country); contacting possible venues for next year’s YFGMs and Planning Weekends; helping to plan this year’s Quaker Youth Work Conference; and editing the YFGM website.

More to come next month!

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