What to expect at YFGM

What can I expect at YFGM?

What happens at YFGM weekends?  If you come to a weekend with us you can expect:

  • Plentiful games
  • Some opportunities for silent worship – a relaxing epilogue at the end of the day, some spirituality workshops, Quaker Meeting itself.
  • Sufficient chatting over a cup of tea
  • A speaker or two – recently we have welcomed Paul Parker, Recording Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting, who spoke about his vision for the future of Quakerism, members of the ‘Quaker Values in Education’ group, and Symon Hill, Christian writer and activist, who spoke to us about sexuality and spirituality.
  • Some ‘Special Interest Groups’ (SIGs) where YFGM members will run small workshops on areas of interest to them.
  • Some helping out in the kitchen – we cater for ourselves over the weekend, so you might be asked help with some chopping, scrubbing, washing or drying.
  • Some direct action activism – recently we have occupied a Barclays bank as part of UKUncut, and created some art on Brighton beach as part of the 350 day environmental campaign.
  • A brace of business sessions – as a small charity we have decisions to make about how we organise ourselves and how we use our community’s resources to sustain ourselves, support other organisations and promote our witness.

YFGM weekends provide an opportunity to discuss the concerns of young Friends. They are also a time to meet up with old Friends and make new ones, to consider our lives, to worship together and have fun.

We ask for a contribution to food and accommodation costs for our gatherings.  The amount depends on your income, and if you are unable to pay this or for transport to reach us, bursary funds are available – again, please get in touch with our office.

YFGM is committed to making our gatherings as inclusive as possible.  The more information we have about your needs, whether physical or not, in advance of a gathering, the better we can support you while you are with us.

If you want more information on YFGM and Young Quakers in Britain please contact the YFGM office to request an enquirer’s pack.

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