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Advices and Queries on Communications and Technology

The emergence of communication technology has given us a way to maintain valuable relationships with those who are close to us spiritually but far away in proximity. Do you consider how your use of communication technology affects face to face interactions and relationships? How can you support others and be supported through the medium of communication technology? Remember the humanity of all people, however you know and communicate with them.

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YFGM May 3-6th Lancaster 2013

Hello Friends,

We are having a wonderful event in Lancaster from 3-6th May. Please remember to invite your friends to attend. A draft agenda can be found here.

As you can see there is a Cabaret on the Sunday Night, and we also have a speaker session from Ben Pink Dandeline. There will be the a number of special interest groups available, including one from Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs (QAAD), and a few from members within YFGM. There will be plenty for newcomers to do with 3 newcomer sessions run but our lovely Outreach committee.

There will be the opportunity to take part in an on-line Meeting For Worship too.

Come one come all, it will be a fun packed weekend. If you have not been on one of our events before please fill in our database form. Please remember if you are registered on our database or are new you still need to fill in an registration form too.

The deadline for this event is the 24 April, please do contact the office if this date has passed (0121 472 1998/

Look forward to seeing you there ūüôā

Hugo (YFGM Coordinator)

Speaker Session – Ben Pink Dandelion

Ben Pink Dandelion has worked for Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre for over twenty years and has written various articles and books on Quakers. He specialises in the study of present-day British Quakerism and has been part of the major surveys of Quaker life in Britain in 1990 and 2003. Another surveys is taking place this May and in this session, Ben will invite us to fill out a survey form and then discuss past findings. We will have a chance to share on our answers to the survey and what they tell us about where Quakerism is and might be going.

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Advices and Queries on Communications and Technology

Dear Friends,

At February YFGM, we came up with some Advices and Queries on communications and technology in a spirituality session. They’re wonderful! But I’m afraid we didn’t get much of a chance to read them (we forgot to put them up on the walls of the Meeting House), so I’m going to post some of them (I can’t read all of the writing…sorry!) every couple of days on here, and on the YFGM stalkbook group. Here goes:

Do you stay mindful of how communication technologies may affect the way your message is received? How are you using such media to nurture your personal, local and global relationships?

Hannah Brock (on behalf of Quinti)

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Young adults at Yearly Meeting

YFGM will be collaborating with¬†Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre to provide a space for Young Adult Friends¬†at Britain Yearly Meeting, which will be held at Friends’ House in London, from May 24th-27th¬†this year.¬†¬†Young Adult Friends (over 18 only, sorry!) who wish to participate¬†will be able to stay in a London Meeting House with¬†a group of like-minded individuals,¬†and a fee of ¬£15 per night will cover all travel and food costs ‚Äď (as ever, bursary help is available), the group will be facilitating a number of optional workshops exploring the themes of Yearly Meeting and how it works, as well as making opportunities for socialising.¬†¬†Joining the workshops and other options is free. Please email if you are interested or look on the webpage to Ô¨Ānd out more.

For those who either live in London or would prefer to make their own accommodation arrangements during Yearly Meeting, there is likely to be a strong Young Adult Friend and YFGM presence throughout the long weekend, and the best way to stay in touch will probably be to keep checking our YFGM facebook group page.

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Spirituality and The Arts Weekend 27th-29th July Bristol

Spirituality and The Arts Weekend

27th-29th July 2012, Bristol Redland Meeting House

YFGM are teaming up with The Leaveners (Quaker Community Arts organisation) this summer to present an exciting weekend project for anyone between the ages of 18 and ‚Äėaround 30 years‚Äô old. A team of facilitators will be providing an informal but packed programme covering a variety of creative art forms (including crafts, written and performance arts), aimed at discovering how the arts can further, and be a form of, spiritual experience. No previous experience of YFGM or The Leaveners needed!

Download more information and a booking form here:

We are still looking for volunteers to help make this fantastic event happen! If you would be interested in running a workshop, download an information pack, or email We are also looking for caterers. Travel expenses and full support provided.

Information Pack:

Any questions about the weekend? Email or call The Leaveners Office 0121 414 0099

For information about project and/or accessibility bursaries email Hugo at or call 01214721998

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Bournemouth YFGM 4th – 7th May 2012

Hello one and all,

We hope you are all looking forward to the next YFGM as much as us, please remember to book early if you are on our database already you can register yourself by logging into the database ( the registration form is available on the documents page of our web site ( .

YFGM is happening beside the seaside in Bournemouth 4th-7th May, as you can see this is a slightly longer event, which normally allows for us to explore the concerns of Young Friends with an extra special interest group session, as well us giving us an opportunity to spend more social time together. As always there are bursaries available and we have a accessibility policy, so please feel free to ring us about your accessibility needs.

We still have some unclaimed belongings left from the last YFGM in Nottingham, please ring the office if one of the following belongs to you: a blue superman t-shirt, a grey pair of gloves with green strips, a brown scarf, black umbrella and black top.

Please contact me in the office if you need anything.

In Friendship

YFGM coordinator

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Are you a Quaker or interested in Quakerism?

Would you like to spend a weekend with like minded people?

Then why not attend YFGM February 17th-19th at Nottingham Quaker Meeting House

Young Friends General Meeting (YFGM) is a national group for Young Adult Quakers aged between 18 and 30-ish.
We are a scattered community, and meet three times a year for residential weekends in different Quaker Meeting Houses to spend time together, explore our faith and ways of living out the Quaker testimonies to truth, simplicity, equality and peace.
YFGM is inviting new people to attend for *free including travel
Over the weekend you can expect: games, silent worship, socialising, speakers, direct action activism, business and food.

Fill in the registration form and email (your details) or post it to the office. If you have any trouble contact our Coordinator by emailing yfgm(at) or phone 0121 4751998.
*We will reimburse your travel expenses (up to £100) at the event, provided you register 2 weeks in advance.

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