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Young Adult Leadership Funding!

Woodbrooke is piloting a new year-long training programme for young adults aged 19-28.

What will YAFs gain from taking part?

  • A greater understanding of Quaker history and processes
  • Developed personal spiritual practices
  • An understanding of leadership within Quakers and the wider world
  • An opportunity to develop your practical skills for your professional, voluntary and spiritual lives
  • An understanding of how to approach conflict in the workplace or in other situations
  • Increased involvement in your Quaker community
  • Developed facilitation and group work skills
  • You can also take part in 3 short courses at Woodbrooke for half the normal price

It’s an opportunity for you to grow as a Quaker leader in your community, and hopefully feed that back into YFGM in the future.

The Young Adult Leadership course as Woodbrooke is taking applications until May 30th.

The cost for the course is quite £1450, so YFGM has financial assistance to help people who want the opportunity. 

YFGM has £3000 specifically budgeted to help those who want to participate (and you should all want to). Woodbrooke itself also has funds should we run over a bit, and there is always YFGM’s normal bursary fund.

We have a little form for you to fill out so we can determine how to divide up funds if we have more than 2 applicants.

The form to apply for funding is here.

If you have any problems with the form, email me. If you need a paper copy, email me or phone 07942907949.

The application deadline for funding assistance is June 15th. We will consider applications up until Woodbrooke give us the names of those who have been selected to take part in the course.

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Major Updates

  • The registration form for October YFGM in Lancaster is now available.
  • The minutes from May YFGM in Bristol are now available.
  • YFGM is pleased to offer extra support for all newcomers at our YFGM in February 2012, including paying travel costs to come to the Meeting. For more information, see our page for newcomers.
  • YFGM is pleased to officially support Symon Hill’s Walk of Repentance for Homophobia. The full text of YFGM Minute in support of Symon is available here.
  • If you would like to support YFGM financially, you can now donate securely online! More information on the Contact page.
  • The YFGM members database is now online (login required.) Members can use the online database to view & update contact details, and register for YFGM.
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In the beginning…

…there was a YFGM Outreach Co-ordinator and her computer.

If you’ve made it to this site, well done!  We’re currently under construction, and hope to be putting up info, beautiful pictures, thrilling videos and who knows, maybe some polls and useful links.

All you need know for now is that YFGM will meet from the 21st-23rd October, in Lancaster Meeting House.  See you there!

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