You can download the following YFGM forms from this page:

  • YFGM General Registration Form
  • YFGM Expenses Claim Form
  • YFGM has a bursary fund to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of attending. To apply for a travel bursary, please fill in a bursary form and send it in with your registration form.
  • YFGM has an accessibility fund to ensure that YFGM is open to all who wish to attend. Claims made through this fund should use the Expenses Claim Form, after contacting the YFGM office or speaking to the General Fund Treasurer.

Governing Documents and Policies

We make these documents available for general information; if you have any questions about any part of them, YFGM Trustees should be able to help you. While we endeavour to keep up-to-date versions of documents on this site, they may not be the versions currently in force at any given time.

Useful links

Fundraising Material

The donations made at YFGM weekends never fully cover the costs of keeping the organisation afloat and we are thus reliant on donations from external bodies. We encourage YFGM members to attend gatherings as a funded representative from their local or area meeting. Otherwise, you might like to ask your meeting to make a donation to YFGM. If you would like to ask your meeting to do either of these things, here are some sample letters to get your request underway (although we encourage you to alter these to make them relevant to your own experience of attending YFGM:

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