Suggested Contributions

YFGM is an open and welcoming community, and nobody is obliged to pay to come to YFGM. However, running an event of this scale costs money, and we ask participants to make a contribution towards the costs of food and accommodation that reflects what they can afford.

If everyone contributed £75 to YFGM, then all of the costs of running YFGM events would be covered. However, we recognize that this sort of amount is often beyond the budget of Young Friends. Rather than ask everyone to pay this amount, we ask people to contribute what they can afford.

We encourage Friends who eat or sleep at the Meeting House to make a donation of at least £15. Our recommended contributions are:

Your income after housing costs (per month) Suggested contribution for the weekend
Less than £250 £15
£250 – £500 £16 – £50
£500 – £1000 £51 – £95
More than £1000 £95 +

You can make a contribution at any time through our online donation page or by posting a cheque payable to “Young Friends General Meeting” to the office. You can also pay at the event by cash or a cheque.

Money should never be the reason that any Young Friend is unable to attend a YFGM event, so if you are worried about how you will pay for your transport to the event, or your contribution once you arrive, please contact the Office to find out how we can help.

It is also often possible to get financial support from Local or Area Meetings, and YFGM welcomes people attending as representatives of Area Meetings.

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