YFGM Concern Against Trident Replacement


YFGM adopted a Concern against Trident replacement in October 2014; a working group has been taking this Concern forward.


Trident is the name of the British government’s nuclear weapons system. In 2016, the government will decide whether to invest billions of pounds in a new generation of nuclear weapons, to replace the current arsenal. As Quakers, we deplore these weapons of mass destruction and will do all we can, working alongside others, to resist investment in a new generation of nuclear weapons, and to decommission Trident.

We will update this page regularly with ideas for action: for young Friends, and everyone
  1. Follow YFGMvsTrident on Twitter for news, info and ideas for action.
  2. Write to your MP: use this template letter from the Fellowship of Reconciliation to lobby your MP on Trident (hand written letters are even more effective); afterwards, you could follow up with a visit to discuss it further.
  3. We’ll be joining ICAN (The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) in their Let’s ban nuclear weapons ‘hackathon’ on 4th June 2016. Sign up to join us here: There will be pizza and cake, we are assured.
  4. Join us and campaigners of other faith groups to say ‘No Faith in Trident’ on 27th June 2016 at Burghfield nuclear weapons factory. Details here. This is part of Trident Ploughshare’s month of action.
  5. Sign the petition to say #ScrapTrident
  6. Join the mass lobby of Parliament on 13th July. Find info here.

Find more info about Trident here.

Read YFGM’s Trident Minute of Concern, written at our February 2016 gathering in Bournemouth.

Nope to Nukes
YFGMers on the Stop Trident demonstration in London, 27 February 2016, with a banner made at YFGM
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