How does YFGM work?

Our community is volunteer-led with some paid admin support. As a national Quaker community, we are geographically dispersed. We gather together three weekends each year, with additional smaller events where a committee meets to plan the larger gatherings. In between these gatherings, we operate as an online community sharing events with one another that relate to our concerns and passions. You can join these conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

1) At each gathering

Images illustrated a YFGMer – Lily Kroese

When we meet in person at our gatherings in February, May, and October, we meet in a Quaker Meeting House, and spend the weekend together staying on the meeting house floor in true camping style! Over the weekend we follow an agenda which often includes: business sessions, meeting for worship, spirituality sessions, special interest groups, and spending time as a community cooking and eating together. 

YFGM roleholders and other interested YFGMers meet over a weekend to put the agenda together 6-8 weeks in advance. They collect feedback from the previous gatherings, listen to suggestions of what the community wants, and respond to what is happening in current affairs (both in the Quaker world and wider society). Suggestions for activities or sessions that you would like to see or run at a YFGM event are always welcome! 

2) Outside our gatherings

Outside the gatherings, YFGM continue to be a network to support one another. This happens between the friendships built individually at the gatherings, and together on online platforms such as Facebook groups. 

You can also keep up with YFGM news via the newsletter, via the Facebook group, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter, or (the most active option) by joining us on Discord;

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Our social media is controlled by volunteers.