Issue 22: October 2019 – Identity and Values

“One of the unexpected things I have learnt in my life as a Quaker is that religion is basically
about relationships between people. This was an unexpected discovery, because I had been
brought up to believe that religion was essentially about our relationship with God.
If we are sensitive, we find that everything that happens to us, good or bad, can help us to build
a vision of the meaning of life. We can be helped to be sensitive by reading the Bible and being
open to experience of nature, music, books, painting, sport or whatever our particular interest
may be. It is in and through all things that we hear God speaking to us. But I do not think I am
alone in my certainty that it’s in my relationships with people that the deepest religious truths
are most vividly disclosed. “
George Gorman, 1982

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