We are Young Friends General Meeting –
a national community of young adult Quakers in Britain.


YFGM is a good way to make links with other Young Adult Quakers. We gather together for worship and to share interests. Our members regularly meet up between gatherings and plan extra social weekends too. YFGM is open to everybody between the ages of 18 and 30ish, and although we’re based in Britain we welcome visitors from overseas. We welcome newcomers of all varieties, from those who have grown up in a Quaker family, to those who are simply Quaker-curious, have recently started attending a Quaker Meeting or simply resonate with the core Quaker Values (Peace, Equality, Integrity, Truth, Sustainability and Simplicity)


YFGM Gathering: 25 – 27 October 2019

Future dates:

Planning Weekend: 6- 8 September 2019, Leeds Central Meeting House
YFGM Gathering 25- 27 October 2019, Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House

Planning Weekend: 10-12 Janurary 2020, Meeting house TBC

YFGM Gathering 21-24 Feburary 2020,  Quaker Meeting House TBC

Planning Weekend: 17-19 April 2020, Meeting house TBC

YFGM Gathering 22-25 May 2020, Quaker Meeting House TBC

Planning Weekend: 11-13 September  2020, Meeting house TBC

YFGM Gathering: 30 October – 1 November  2020, Quaker Meeting House TBC

For more information see About YFGM or email yfgm@quaker.org.uk

Trans and non-binary statement

YFGM says ”the society of Friends should be welcoming and affirming to trans and non-binary people.” Read our full statement on the Trans and Non-binary page of our website.



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