Can I come to a YFGM gathering if I am not a Quaker?

Yes! YFGM actively encourages anyone who is curious to come along. 

How much does it cost to come to a YFGM gathering?

We don’t charge a fee to attend YFGMs or YFGM Planning Weekends. (We occasionally run special interest gatherings in addition which can involve a small fee)

We ask attendees to donate based on what they can afford. It costs an average of £75 per person to run each gathering, which covers food for the weekend, various necessary expenses, and money for the Quaker Meeting House. About £15 per person would cover the food for a weekend, and we hope that people are able to at least cover this and pay more if they are able.

Money should never be a reason to stop you coming to a YFGM gathering, either for this or for covering transport or other costs. We can offer some bursary support – you can email the treasurer at treasurer@youngfriends.org.uk to ask about this.

Are YFGM gatherings physically accessible?

We hope so! Making our events as accessible as possible is a priority for us, and we try to meet everyone’s needs.

We’ll only run YFGMs in venues that have enough wheelchair-accessible rooms to run our sessions in. Exact venue details (e.g. sizes of available lifts, toilet facilities etc.) will vary by event – we’ll be able to provide more specific information as needed.

We have an accessibility fund available to help with costs of offsite accommodation for people who need off-floor places to sleep – you can email the treasurer at treasurer@youngfriends.org.uk to ask about this.

If you have any queries about accessibility at our events, you’re welcome to email logistics@youngfriends.org.uk.

Are there quiet spaces?

Yes – we make sure to allocate a quiet room that people can use during the weekend (although in many venues this won’t be available overnight).

Can I bring my child with me?

Yes, although YFGM doesn’t provide organised childcare – parents/guardians remain responsible for their children throughout. We’ve often had people bringing babies and toddlers, and you’re welcome to bring them into sessions and all that.

Please let us know when you register and we’ll be in touch with specific info.