YFGM uses the Quaker nominations process to find people to fill volunteer roles within the Meeting.

We ask our whole community to make suggestions for people they think might fill particular roles. This is very valuable, since we are a large enough community that a small group can’t possibly know everyone well. This page includes some brief descriptions of roles we are seeking suggestions for and a form allowing for suggested names to be submitted at any time. Full role descriptions can be found here.

YFGM nominations committee will approach people who have been suggested during or in the run up to the next YFGM event to find out if they are willing and able to be in the role or roles their name has been suggested for. They will discern, using the Quaker business method, who is right for a given role at a given time, and bring that forward to the Meeting for appointment.

You are very welcome to suggest the same person for multiple roles if you feel they may fit more than one. You are also very welcome to submit your own name.

If you would like to speak to nominations committee, e.g. for more detail on the process or on a role, or to clarify a suggestion, please email

Suggestions Box

We are currently looking for suggestions for the following roles;

Finance Trustee: Trustee leading on managing our finances, including preparing a budget and similar work, alongside our Treasurer and Fundraiser.

Fundraiser: Ensuring sustainable funding for YFGM’s activities e.g. by seeking out donations and grants, working alongside our Finance Trustee and Treasurer on financial matters and planning, and as part of our Outreach committee on maintaining relationships and visibility among the wider Society of Friends.

Logistics Committee: Responsible for handling the practicalities of YFGM meetings, online or in person (as a committee of 5 people).

Nominations Committee: Discerning the right people to fulfill roles on behalf of YFGM.

Eldership Committee: Nurturing the spiritual life of YFGM and supporting the right holding of worship (as a committee of 5 people).

Planning Weekend Newcomer: Someone who hasn’t previously attended a YFGM planning weekend, who attends, feeds in, and provides a report to YFGM on their experience.

Communications Trustee: Trustee of YFGM with specific responsibility for our outward facing presence, working closely with our Media and Outreach committees.

Meeting for Sufferings Rep: Representing YFGM on Meeting for Sufferings.

Pollard and Dickson Trust distributor: Handling applications for a trust providing grants to Friends for hardship or travelling in the ministry.

NFPB Rep: Representing YFGM on Northern Friends Peace Board.

Quaker Life Rep: Representing YFGM on Quaker Life Rep Council.

For full role descriptions, see the role descriptions page.