About YFGM

Young Friends General Meeting (YFGM) is the national community for young adults (18-35) within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain.

Our name refers to both our organisation and to the three general meetings (or gatherings), we hold over weekends in February, May, and October each year. These take place in various Quaker Meeting Houses across Britain. 

We are a diverse bunch, united by a willingness to explore issues surrounding faith and social justice. We worship together in silence, but also use workshops and interactive spirituality sessions to explore how our faith is calling us to act in the world.

YFGM is not the only group of Young Adult Quakers, but we are the largest national group. Our history goes back to 1911 when the first National Conference of Young Friends was held. Among the first generation of YFGMers were many conscientious objectors, who suffered badly during the Great War. Since then our members have been activists, political leaders, mothers, fathers, amongst other people. Our name changed from Young Friends Central Committee to our current name in 1993.

One of the successes and hardships of Young Friends General Meeting gatherings is that events are run for the community by the community. It means planning and organising has involved everyone, but that also means it’s a lot of work! However, being part of a community is about learning from those difficulties as well as the strengths.

Come along and find out for yourself!

Outside our gatherings, YFGM exists as a distributed community. Friendships built at gatherings remain, and we have an active community on discord – if you are in our age range, do join us. You can also find us on facebook / twitter / instagram, but these are less active.