• Are you searching for meaning in life?
  • Are you looking for a group to support you in your spiritual search?
  • Do you long for peace and justice?
  • Are you spiritual but not ‘churchy’?
  • Are you looking for something different?

Young Quakers believe that spirituality is central to our daily living.

Whether you are a Quaker or not, you will be welcome at Young Friends General Meeting (YFGM), a national residential weekend held three times a year. Ages 18-30ish are welcome. This is a fun and informal chance to meet like-minded people of a similar age.

Do you want to find out more at the YFGM weekend? We have special sessions for newcomers at each weekend dealing with some of the fundamentals of Quakerism. So if you’re 18-30, and interested in finding out more about Quakers and Quaker beliefs and practices (or if you’re a Quaker who hasn’t been involved much recently and want a refresher), why not join us for our next weekend?

If you’ve never been to YFGM but already have some awareness of Quaker beliefs, history, and so on, the newcomer sessions will also address some of  the practices specific to YFGM and aim to help you feel integrated in what we do. There is always extra support provided to newcomers through our outreach team to make sure you find your feet in our community.

Whatever your current knowledge of YFGM and Quakers, you will, of course, be welcome at any of our weekend meetings. We are always pleased to receive new participants at our gatherings.

General information about YFGM can be found at the About YFGM page. Please contact the office to be sent more information.

Quakers in Britain  – This page has general information for people in Britain who are new to Quakers.

Quaker Quest – The quest of Quakers is a spiritual path for our time – simple, radical and contemporary. Quaker Quest events are open to all people who want to explore their own spirituality and who would welcome the opportunity to find out how Quakers express theirs through worship and social action.

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