Nominate people for roles they would suit – you can choose multiple roles if you feel a person could fit more than one role.

Planning Weekend Newcomer: Someone who hasn’t previously attended a YFGM planning weekend, and is willing to go and then provide a report on their experiences to the next YFGM weekend.

Elder: Someone who takes care of the spiritual wellbeing of the community.

Pastoral Committee Member: Someone who is responsible for pastoral care within YFGM, including safeguarding, running social spaces and taking particular care of newcomers.

Media Committee Member: Someone who is one of the editors responsible for producing three isssues of The Young Quaker Magazine a year.

Logistics Committee Member: Someone who is responsible for handling the practicalities of YFGM meetings, online or in person.

Outreach Committee Member: Someone who provides information about YFGM to Quakers and others, encouraging attendance at YFGM and other Young Friends events.