Feedback on October YFGM (Lancaster)

Feedback is really important to help us make decisions about how YFGMs are run. It helps us to understand how the community feel when we are deciding how to run future events. All the feedback submitted to the online form is anonymous. We hold a session at planning weekend to discuss the feedback from the previous event and how we want to take that forward into future YFGMs. If you have feedback that involves specific people or that isn’t suitable to be shared publicly then you can email or contact a member of pastoral directly.

Below are some suggestions to get you started with giving feedback but please feel free to mention anything you like!

  • Which was your favourite meal?
  • Was there anything we did differently to normal or to what you expected? Was it better or worse?
  • Any ideas you have of a different way to do something
  • Is there anything we could have communicated better?