Financial Hardship Support

Hello everybody! This is a message from the YFGM pastoral team!

YFGM has recently been given a grant from the North East Thames Quaker Trust to support members of YFGM who are experiencing financial hardship. If you would be interested in applying for some of this grant, please get in touch either by emailing

Info about what the grant is for and who is eligible is below.

The grant is for supporting people in financial hardship, who are members of YFGM. If you are unsure if this applies to you, you can:

– Check your income falls below the minimum income standards on this website:

– Check the NETQT Guidance notes document, which can be found quite easily by googling that phrase, (pastoral committee members can also send you a copy on request)

– Ask one of the pastoral committee members for advice

You count as a member of YFGM if you have been to one of the YFGM weekend events at some point in the last 3 years.

Some things that the grant can be used for include:

– Support for basic living costs (e.g. bills, rent, household repairs)

– Medical and disability support

– Educational support

– Support for Quaker activities (e.g. a course at Woodbrooke)


Because NETQT is a charity, it has to meet some legal requirements for checking financial hardship. This means that to apply for the grant we will have to get you to sign some forms and give some evidence about your income and outgoings. If you are in financial need but do not feel comfortable sharing these things with us, we encourage you to get in touch with a pastoral committee person anyway as there may be other Quaker or Quaker-related grants that you are eligible for, and we can support you in applying for those.


Any other questions or clarifications do send a message, or you can comment here.