About TYQ

The Young Quaker is a print and online publication for young Friends everywhere.

Published by Young Friends General Meeting, the organisation for young Quakers in Britain, TYQ is published three times each year, to coincide with YFGM weekends. We therefore usually publish a print issue each February, May, and October.

The Co-Editors can be contacted by emailing theyoungquaker@gmail.com


3 Replies to “About TYQ”

  1. Gillian Bryan

    I have been asked to pay a subscription to Young Quaker
    Please let me have the cost and also your bank details to enable me to make a bank transfer.
    Gillian Bryan
    Bournville Quaker Meeting

  2. Antoniotow

    It lists national and international events as well as changes of address and other notices. Because it is the magazine of Young Friends General Meeting, Young Quaker is primarily aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 30. The magazine is also read by young people under 18.

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