Advertise in TYQ

Interested in reaching an audience of young Quakers across Britain and beyond?

If you place an advert in The Young Quaker, you can be confident of reaching participants at all YFGM events, as well as being read in meeting houses across the country by Quakers of all ages.

We are happy to take advertisements from any groups or organisations that are sympathetic to Quaker values. If you’re running an event, advertising a job, or simply promoting your organisation, The Young Quaker is a great way to raise your profile among young Friends.


We offer a range of advertisement sizes; £60 for a full page with smaller ads charged proportionally, please see our Pricing Guide for more detail.


To enquire about placing an advertisement, please contact at least two weeks before the publication date of the issue.

Adverts that are considered to be contrary to Quaker values, or which are placed by organisations that are contrary to Quaker values, may be refused by the editors.

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