One thought on “Issue 16: October 2017 – Quaker Inclusion Issue

  1. I guess this should be headed Issue 16: October 2017 (not 2016!).
    On the subject of inclusion and the very interesting articles in the Newsletter about (in effect) the ‘end of Quakerism’ and the lack of appeal to new or younger or would be Quakers who might not be white, middle-class and of a certain age, the NFN is holding it’s annual conference at Woodbrooke in March, and in the interest of involving young Quakers has invited upto 4 Young Friends to attend the conference (a lovely weekend at Woodbrooke!) at a much reduced rate with possible further funding.
    Local/Area meetings and YFGM itself also have funds available to reduce the cost even further.
    We do hope that some younger Friends reading this post and Newsletter will take advantage of this opportunity to spend the weekend at Woodbrooke. (The food is superb!).
    Please see the full details of this offer to Young Friends on the NFN website:

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