Write for TYQ

Do you have a story to tell?

Maybe you’ve been doing something exciting recently. Maybe you’re planning an event and want to tell everybody why it’s going to be awesome. Maybe you’ve been reflecting on some aspect of Quakerism and you’d like to share your thoughts.Maybe you want to share your poetry or artwork with an audience of young Friends across the country.

The Young Quaker is always seeking submissions that we can publish in our next issue. We welcome any articles which will be of interest to young Friends Рwhich means anywhere from 11 to 30 Рand in particular articles written by young Friends.

If you have an idea for an article, contact the editors at theyoungquaker@gmail.com

Submissions should be received by the editors no more than three weeks before each YFGM. YFGMs take place in February, May, and October.

We also welcome suggestions for what you’d like to see in¬†TYQ, even if you can’t write it yourself!

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